Collabro's favourite thing about touring with Sir Cliff Richard was his 'tight leather pants'.

The 2014 'Britain's Got Talent' winners hailed the 'Living Doll' hitmaker a ''lovely man'' because he was careful to look out for them and treat them well on the road when they supported him last year.

Thomas J. Redgrave exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We had the joy of touring with Cliff Richard. Our favourite moment? His tight leather pants.''

Matthew Pagan said: ''After our first performance on tour with him we came off stage there were four glasses with champagne and everything, he's a nice man, a lovely man.''

And the 77-year-old pop legend even let the group travel in his private jet.

When asked about the most surreal moment of the tour, Michael Auger said: ''When we were touring with cliff we were performing and we had to get a private jet to our next venue.

''There was no time, so we were like 'OK we'll come in your private jet that's fine.'

Despite Cliff's advancing years, Collabro insisted that didn't mean he still doesn't put on a great show for his audiences.

Thomas said: ''You have the normal Cliff Richard crowd all whooping and loving it and loving his tight pants and his gyrating hips.

''Then you have 20 year olds in the audience as well they were absolutely going for it as well just as much as the normal crowd, he still gets away with it, it's so good.''

Jamie Lambert said: ''And he still does it he still gives that you know oomph, ...These people are superstars for a very long time so that's very cool for us.''

Collabro are about to go on tour with Barry Manilow and are preparing for the release of their fourth album which Thomas said ''will make listeners laugh, dance and cry at the same time.''