As part of an apparent scheme to conceal his real identity from potential interview subjects, Sasha Baron Cohen and his Bruno production team have set up a series of dummy companies with websites that make them appear to be respectable production houses, TheSmokingGun reported Thursday. One of them, called Amesbury Chase, claims on its website to offer "world class facilities and state-of-the art equipment to help you create dynamic and compelling content." Three other alleged fronts, Chromium Films, Cold Stream Productions and Coral Blue Productions, like Amesbury Chase, use a mailing address that TSG traced to Sunset Blvd. Mailboxes in West Hollywood, CA. One recent interview subject, an admitted racist named Glenn Miller, told TSG that he was paid $2,000 for an interview with Bruno, whom he called "a faggot" but "not a Jew." Miller wrote about the interview on his website and included the telephone number that he was given by Cohen's production associates -- the same number that is listed for each of the four dummy companies.