Grace Chatto has revealed Clean Bandit are hoping to collaborate with rapper Stormzy.

Over the years the electronic music group - which includes Grace, Jack and Luke Patterson - have collaborated with a number of artists such as Jess Glynne, Zara Larsson and Sean Paul, but the cellist wants to work with the English rapper.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, the 31-year-old musician said: ''Yeah it would be great to do something with Stormzy.

''We've kind of spoken about it a bit and he seemed up for it at the time. So I'm hoping we can find a time to get together in the studio. Yeah, he is amazing.''

Not only is the 'Shut Up' hitmaker on the list of artists Clean Bandit want to work with, but Grace also admitted she is a huge Bruno Mars fan.

She said: ''So Bruno Mars is my favourite at the moment. I just think he's an incredible musician.

''Yeah, I'd really like to do something with him.''

While the group are used to teaming up with a number of different acts for many of their songs, when the 'Rather Be' hitmakers are on tour they have two singers who perform their tracks.

Grace said: ''We have two singers who we tour with live and often they sound better than they do on the recording so I'm very happy doing it with them all the time.

''But it's nice now and then to come together with Jess Glynne, or Zara Larsson, or Sean Paul, and it's just really fun because it, like, keeps it different.

''We never know when we're going to be in the same country and for it to work out. So I'm really excited to do it with Louisa Johnson.

''It Just adds a different dimension, it's quite nostalgic actually - kind of going back to when we made it together.''

Clean Bandit will be performing at MTV Crashes Plymouth on July 27.

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