One of Bollywood's most celebrated stars SURAIYA died in a Mumbai hospital on Saturday (31JAN04), aged 75.

The Lahore born singer and actress, full name SURAIYA JAMAL SHEIKH, wowed the Indian film industry in the late forties and early fifties with such hits as PYAAR KI JEET (LOVE TRIUMPHS), BADI BAHEN (ELDER SISTER) and DILLAGI (FLIRTATION), and became the highest paid actress in the country.

However, Suraiya stopped making films in 1951 when her grandmother ordered her affair with fellow actor DEV ANAND to stop, although she did return to the big screen three years later before retiring again in the early sixties.

Actor and politician SUNIL DUTT comments, “She was immensely talented - a wonderful singer and a great actress."

02/02/2004 01:55