Former GUNS N' ROSES rocker GILBY CLARKE has heaped praise on his ex-bandmate Axl Rose - insisting he loved the rockers' comeback album CHINESE DEMOCRACY.The guitarist was brought onboard for the band's 1991 world tour after Izzy Stradlin quit the group during its 28-month world trek.
He was replaced by frontman Rose's best pal Paul Tobias in 1994.
But Clarke doesn't hold grudges, and is a huge fan of the band's "imaginative" latest LP - despite the poor sales which followed the November (08) release of the 15-year project.
He tells, "I think it's very good and very imaginative. Axl's vocals sound great and there's some creative guitar playing on it also."
However, Clarke confesses he wasn't too keen on the group's more melodic direction.
He adds, "But there was too many slow-to-midtempo songs on it for my taste and some of the solos are a little overdone; they don't match the song. I expected some resolution since it's taken so long."