SIDEWAYS star Thomas Haden Church has developed a reputation for flashing his genitals to male co-stars on the sets of his films.
The actor admits he did it for laughs on the Sideways set and ruined Dennis Quaid's composure on the set of new film Smart People.
Church reveals he uses nude scenes to surprise his co-stars.
In Smart People, he's supposed to be lying naked on his belly but he rolled over for one hilarious take.
He says, "I did one that was frontally nude to Dennis. Dennis and the cameraman enjoyed that... Dennis whirled in disgust and left the set.
"I did the same thing in Sideways too but they're never big fans of your sticky fruits flopping around back at the studio. They're never big fans of that activity."
Church and Quaid's co-star Sarah Jessica Parker regrets the fact she was not on the set that day: "I was not privileged to be there for the sticky fruit alert."