Christopher Kane offers free life drawing classes for his staff.

The Scottish designer says the sessions are ''fun'' - particularly because he has enlisted the services of a ''lovely nude boy'' to pose for the group.

He said: ''I have always loved drawing. It is the start of the whole process, the first thing in a collection. But the classes in the studio are about fun. And we have a lovely nude boy to model. It's great!''

The 31-year-old designer also discussed his friendship with fellow Scotsman Jonathan Saunders, admitting they have a shared sense of humour - and like to ''judge'' people.

He told Sunday Times Style magazine: ''Jonathan and I can laugh at things that nobody else would, because we are Scots.

''[With the Scottish] everyone is always judging their neighbours, and if you do well, it's all, 'She thinks she's somebody! Who does she think she is?' But people are nicer, warmer and more generous up there.''

And Christopher confessed to being a ''nervous'' person with a fear of spiders and moths.

He said: ''I'm terrified of moths and spiders. I'm quite a nervous person. I'm always conscious of who is around me in the street or on public transport.''