Christine Lampard doesn't want to find out the sex of her baby.

Last week, the 39-year-old television presenter announced that she and her husband Frank Lampard are expecting their first child together.

Christine is now 22 weeks pregnant so has had the opportunity to discover if she is having a boy or a girl but she declined to be informed of the gender, despite 39-year-old Frank being keen, because she wants it to be a surprise.

Appearing on 'Loose Women' on Friday (25.05.18), she said: ''

''I don't care what I have. I like the idea of the surprise, it is the one thing in life that can be the surprise that no one can let you in on. ''Frank is the opposite and is like, 'Just find out. It's still fun when you know.' So I don't know if I'll change my mind.''

If she does give in to Frank's wish to know the sex then Christine insists she won't be having hosting a fashionable gender reveal party to tell the world, as she doesn't like all the fuss.

She added: ''If I do find out, I won't do a reveal party - I don't even like a birthday party. I'm just not that way inclined. I like it when other people do it, if it works for them, like, when they have a party and they cut the cake or balloons come down and they're blue or pink. I'll just say to people it's a boy or it's a girl.''

The tot will become a baby brother or sister to Frank's daughters Luna, 12, and 10-year-old Isla - his kids with ex-partner Elen Rivas - and Christine admits the pair are very keen to meet the new arrival.

The Irish star previously said: ''To say they're excited doesn't do it justice. I had to say to them at this stage the baby can hear voices, straight away they were like I am your favourite sister, they were chatting to my belly. They want a girl that's the only stipulation.''