Christine Lampard says the ''simple things'' are what makes her marriage to Frank Lampard work.

The 38-year-old TV star - who married the retired soccer player in 2015 - has revealed that she and Frank always like to make time for one another to and try and set aside one day each week to indulge their love of normal pleasures like getting ''tipsy'' in a pub over lunch.

Christine shared: ''You know, for us certainly, I don't know whether this is the key to happiness, but we love the really simple things that make you smile. So we both have a day off ... say, a day in the week, and both get really excited about what we're going to do that day.

''Now, it doesn't have to be anything romantic or overly fancy. I mean, going to the pub and getting a bit tipsy at lunchtime. I mean really, really simple things. But that's what we really love doing.

''So you get through your working week and you think, Friday we've got a naughty afternoon. You get to go to the bar, we get to do whatever. And those things really, really keep us going.''

Christine has been with Frank - who has two daughters, Luna, 12, and Isla, 10, with his ex-fiancée, Spanish model Elen Rivas - for more than nine years, but she is now more attracted to the former England international than when they first met.

The Irish star also revealed that laughter has been central to their happy marriage.

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women', Christine explained: ''I always said that you want to be with someone that you can properly belly laugh with, you don't need anyone else to contribute to the conversation - just the two of you. I think that's really special, that's number one. Well, not necessarily number one, but it's up there. And definitely the fancying thing, because you've got to still look at them and go, 'That's my husband' or 'That's my wife'. I mean, if you can do that, I think that's special.

''December was our anniversary, so we're married just over two years. But we've been together just over nine. I look at him now and I still feel exactly the way I did when I first met him, if not more.''