Christine Lampard ''couldn't care less'' how much weight she puts on during her pregnancy.

The 'Loose Women' panellist is set to welcome her first child into the world with her husband Frank Lampard in September and she has admitted since finding out she's expecting she's given up going to the gym in favour of walking the dog and has been gorging on ice cream.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said: ''I couldn't care less about putting on weight as long as everything's OK inside. I'm not training, just walking the dog. That's it. I'm just taking it all in my stride. I'm feeling great. I'm eating a lot of ice cream, but I think that's more to do with the weather than the pregnancy cravings.''

And, although her bump is really starting to pop now, the 39-year-old presenter keeps forgetting she's even pregnant because she's found the first six months to be a breeze.

She explained: ''Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant and then there's moments I don't believe it. You see your reflection and go, 'Oh God, that's me'.''

The countdown is now on until they meet their little bundle of joy but Christine and Frank - who got married in 2015 - haven't started thinking about baby names yet.

She said: ''We haven't been thinking about names or doing a nursery or anything, not until nearer the time. I haven't read any baby books as I'm blessed with two really good mates going through it at the same time. The best thing for me is tal­k­ing to people.''

Christine is yet to decide when to go on maternity leave and how long she'll take off.

She said: ''I haven't decided what I'm going to do about work. I'm really laid back about it all.''

And, although she's yet to get through the rest of her pregnancy and delivery, the brunette beauty has hinted that she may like to try for another baby in the future.

She explained: ''I've heard horror stories about labour and people say, 'Oh, don't do it again', but then people always do. You forget what it was like and want another one.''