Christine Lampard has accused her stalker of sending her ''dark and sinister'' tweets.

The 39-year-old TV presenter - who is five months pregnant with her first child - has claimed Christof King, who pleaded guilty to stalking the brunette beauty last week, has made her life a ''misery'' over the past three years after he allegedly sent her ''dark, sinister and incoherent tweets'' before sending her bizarre letters to her home.

The 'Loose Women' panellist has accused Mr King of sending her threatening tweets - including one of him allegedly saying he was ''sharpening nails for her crucifixion.''

Speaking from behind a red curtain in court yesterday (04.06.18), Christine has alleged that Mr King started to send her ''incoherent waffle'' on the social networking site back in 2015 but they soon changed to a darker tone which caught her attention.

She then became frightened when Mr King allegedly sent her a tweet stating he was ''planning the words for her tombstone.''

Christine showed her husband Frank Lampard the messages and blocked the account on Twitter before reporting the threatening words to the networking site.

She told the court: ''Thankfully I don't get threatening messages and that's why these stood out. I remembered the word tombstone and paid a great deal of attention to his Twitter profile picture.

''Because the tweets were so disturbing, to the extent that I showed it to my husband as well and shared my concerns. I wanted to make sure I memorised his face.''

However, Christine feared for her life two months later when Mr King turned up at her home in London and she recognised him as ''the man from Twitter.''

She made her husband aware of who it was and he went out to speak to the man.

Although Mr King has pleaded guilty to stalking, he has denied sending the tweets.

He told the court: ''She [Christine] has always had an attraction for me. I admire her work on TV and always have done. What I am wanting to apologise for is being overly nice. What I have never been is malicious. I never wanted to cause her serious alarm and distress. I am absolutely mortified that it's come to this. I never have acted in a vindictive or malicious way, I've just been wearing my heart on my sleeve. Had I been blocked I would have known - there are times where I think perhaps I don't read people well enough. I did not set up that account. I've never had that account.''

After he was arrested for stalking, police found letters and a Powerpoint presentation about his ''fantasy love interest'' on his computer.

One of the letters - dated November 14, 2014 - said: ''I do fancy your arse off and I worship the ground you walk on.''

Mr King claimed the letters were sent in ''tongue in cheek'' and he was never violent or made any suggestion of violence towards her.

He said: ''Yes, I find her physically attractive, but fans of Bruce Springsteen find him attractive as well.''