Christine Lampard's date nights with her husband Frank Lampard keeps their sex life alive.

The 38-year-old television presenter credits ''going back to basics'' and enjoying some time alone with the soccer star for keeping their relationship strong.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women, she said: ''I love the idea of going back to basics. I love my date nights, I love pretending that I'm 18 again. Maybe you get your hair done and I know this sounds really soppy but I'm talking about the little things. We can have one night where it is just us.

''I fancy him very much. I feel very lucky [to be with him]. I just think no matter whether your husband has changed his appearance in the time you've been together, there must be something there that you still fancy.

''That is why I think going back to basics and doing dead simple things and just having a takeaway together. That's what we do. If you can keep that, you can keep everything else ticking along ... if you know what I mean.''

Meanwhile, Christine previously revealed she believes she and Frank work ''much better'' together when they're in ''each other's pockets''.

She spilled: ''It's obviously a good thing, we are both busy we've got our separate lives and they can take over really quickly so we're actually much better when we're in each other's pockets. When he was with England in the World Cup and things, he would be away for six or seven weeks, and it's big chunks of the year. And it's not even just chunks, like every weekend, we haven't really had a weekend together in the almost eight years we've been together. It's been like lets enjoy this until something else takes up our time.''