Chloe Khan won't rule out getting more cosmetic surgery in the future - even though a botched nose job has left her unable to breathe properly.

The busty ex-Playboy model flew to the Ukraine to undergo the rhinoplasty procedure back in January but when she returned to the UK to begin the healing process her nose began to swell up due to the procedure not turning out as it should and then she got an infection that further damaged it.

Chloe still suffers from pain in her nose now and has regular nose bleeds, but she is going to get it fixed.

Despite the problems she's had, the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant won't rule out going under the knife again once she's had another nose job.

Chloe - who has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures, including a boob job and lip filler injections - told BANG Showbiz: ''I can't breathe through my nose, I can't smell anything. I know people think it's my own fault because I chose to have surgery but it's been an absolute disaster to be honest, I'm going to have to get it fixed really soon and then hopefully I can forget about it ... Once my nose is fixed that it'll be it for now, but I am open to other things if I think I need them. Never say never! The thing is you get hate if you're not open about surgeries and you get hate if you are open with your surgeries, so it is what it is. I don't just want to be known as someone who gets lots of surgeries, there's much more to me than that.''

Even though Chloe had a horrific experience having her last operation in the Ukraine, she is open to travelling abroad to have her nose fixed because she thinks the plastic surgeons in England are ''too conservative''.

She said: ''To be honest the surgeons in England, I love them but they're very conservative and very careful. Although I love that I'm open to international surgeons because I want to find the best. Maybe I'll get it fixed in the States or maybe somewhere else.''