Chipmunk threatened to kill himself because he can't cope with his hectic life.

The 'Oopsy Daisy' hitmaker - who caused concern earlier this month when he posted a series of disturbing messages on his Twitter page, including "I wanna die" - is trying to scale back his commitments after a whirlwind year of success took its toll. He doesn't even plan to celebrate his 19th birthday today (26.11.09).

He told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "I just needed to take some time out to rest and get my head together. I try and take everything in my stride. It's been a successful year for me.

"But I still haven't had the chance to let anything sink in yet, I haven't had a chance to think about it all. I'm just too busy. And I get followed everywhere too, it's crazy.

"It's a bit boring right now, it's my birthday and I'm not even going to do anything."

The British rapper also thanked his fans for helping him stay sane.

He said: "They put me where I am, so no matter what crazy s**t happens, I'm with them."