CHIODOS frontman CRAIG OWENS is seeking psychiatric help after attempting suicide last week (20Jul08) - because he is determined to rid himself of his demons.
The singer was admitted to hospital last Sunday (20Jul08) after taking a drugs overdose at his Michigan home.
He detailed the experience in a post on his website: "I attempted to overdose on prescribed Xanax at my home in Michigan. Flash ahead 12 hours later, I woke up in the emergency room surrounded by my family and best friends, with an IV (intravenus tube) in my left arm, and hooked up to machines. I felt confused, angry, selfish, and completely embarrassed."
The troubled rocker admits he has suffered from a series of mental health problems for years, and now he is seeking urgent medical help to resolve his issues.
In a message posted on his site on 24 July (08), he adds, "I am checking myself into a mental clinic beginning tomorrow. Wish me luck. I have been battling with manic depression, bipolar disorder, and constant anxiety attacks for years. After taking care of myself over the past few days, and talking through this situation with my family, friends, and managers, I am committed to creating only positive actions out of the deepest and darkest low I have found myself in with this."