Prolific children's book illustrator Erik Blegvad has died aged 90.

The Danish artist, who worked on more than 100 kid's books, passed away on 14 January (14) in London and the news was announced by his son Peter on Wednesday (12Feb14).

Blegvad is best known for his cover of Mary Norton's book, Bed-Knob and Broomstick, which was later adapted into 1971 film Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

He also illustrated many of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales in his signature pen-and-ink style.

Blegvad studied at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts and worked as a commercial illustrator in Paris, France before he moved to the U.S. in 1950 and began contributing to American magazines.

His first illustration was in 1953 and he drew for more than 100 children's book during his career, frequently collaborating with his author wife Lenore, until her death in 2008.

The New York Times Book Review named one of his works, This Little Pig-a-Wig and Other Rhymes About Pigs, the best illustrated children book of the year in 1978.