Former child star Blake Mciver is hoping to stage an unofficial 20th anniversary The Little Rascals reunion when he launches his new album next month (Jun14).

The actor/singer, who played bespectacled Waldo in the family favourite film, will perform tracks from his new release The Time Manipulator at the Lyric theatre in Los Angeles - and he's hoping his former castmates can join him for the show.

He tells Wenn, "I'm trying to get the whole cast to show up. As far as an official reunion, I haven't heard anything about that but it would be great to have an official reunion over the summer.

"And whatever happens, thanks to social media, I've been able to keep in touch with the other Little Rascals... We've pretty much all found each other again, which is great."

MCIver is also hoping that his Full House co-stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen might show up, even though he hasn't spoken to the twins in years.

He adds, "I went to college with their brother, but we haven't really gotten to see each other in quite a few years. I wish I was still in contact with them... It would be fun to see them again."