Cheryl reportedly plans to spend £1 million on rebranding herself after she gives birth.

The 33-year-old pop star - who is pregnant with boyfriend Liam Payne's baby - intends to splash out the eye-watering sum in a bid to overhaul her public image by regaining her pre-pregnancy figure, signing a fitness deal and writing a book.

A source close to Cheryl explained that the former Girls Aloud star sees becoming a mother for the first time as ''the chance to start a new direction with her career''.

The insider explained: ''Cheryl feels she wants to do something that incorporates her journey as a new mum.''

The 'Crazy Stupid Love' hitmaker intends to spend the first two months after giving birth concentrating her efforts solely on raising her newborn baby.

But thereafter, Cheryl will start writing her own book about her experiences of pregnancy and motherhood.

A source told the Daily Star Online: ''She has a big-money offer on the table to do something along the lines of 'Cheryl's new mum diary'.''

Cheryl also reportedly intends to launch her own fitness DVD, as she works towards regaining her pre-pregnancy figure.

Cheryl and Liam have both remained tight-lipped about her pregnancy over recent months, but the brunette beauty admitted in November to being in a good place in her life.

She said: ''I know you can tell exactly what is going on with me. My eyes give everything away. I can't ever hide my emotions, and it's great that you can see I'm really happy.''

Cheryl also claimed she no longer ''gives a s**t'' what people think of her.

She shared: ''The good thing about being in your 30s is that you know yourself better. I learned to be less apologetic and not to give a s**t about what people say. I think you just focus on what is right for you and you learn to trust your own instincts and follow them.

''I've been through difficult stages and you never know what's going to hit you in life. You just don't have a clue. But I'd tell myself: 'You will get through things.' You do. You just get through it and you keep going.''