Cher Lloyd: Being a trendsetter is hard

Cher Lloyd says it's ''difficult'' being a trendsetter.

The 19-year-old singer - who rose to fame on 'The X Factor' UK in 2010 - has lamented the fact her army of fans like to copy her signature style, meaning she always has to move on to the next trend.

Quizzed about her trendsetter status, Cher told ''It's very difficult because on the ['X Factor'] I did the little headband thing with a scarf, folded it and tied it in my hair.

''When I started wearing it on the show, everyone started wearing it. Then I was like, okay, now I'm going to have to leave that behind. It's this vicious cycle where you start a trend and then need to leave it behind.''

The 'Want U Back' hitmaker - who cites rapper Wiz Khalifa as her style icon - chooses all her looks with the help of mood boards because she wants to look as individual as possible, claiming most of her fashion inspiration comes from browsing the internet.

Cher explained: ''I'm an Instagram person because I can see where it's coming from. Style bloggers are definitely important to me.

''I don't like dressing in just Topshop, I don't want every girl in the front row looking exactly like me. So I have to shop online, really, at boutique stores.

''Online there are the best places to shop because they have limited amounts of items. In other situations I'll take jewelry and I'll say, 'Okay, put it on this shirt, sew this onto that to make it original.' ''


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