Chas and Dave singer Chas Hodges has been told he will be ''fit'' in time for their show at British Summer Time Hyde Park in June.

The 73-year-old singer was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus earlier this year and has been undergoing chemotherapy and he says it's ''definitely working'' and his doctor says he should be up to playing the concert supporting Phil Collins on June 30, along with The New Power Generation, KC and the Sunshine Band and Cats in Space.

The legendary duo have vowed to perform all their ''best hits'' at the music extravaganza.

According to The Sun Online, he said: ''Chas & Dave are back, I've got my last chemo on Tuesday and it's definitely working.

''The doctors reckon I'll be gig fit by June.''

''We'll be doing all our best hits, all the best Chas & Dave tracks.''

Chas is determined to battle the disease and called it an ''unwelcome visitor'' that won't be around for ''long''.

When he was diagnosed in February, he said: ''At the minute, I feel fantastic. The good news is that it's been caught early, it hasn't spread and they can do something about it. As far as I'm concerned, this cancer is an unwelcome visitor that won't be staying long. It's turned up and I'm thinking, 'You're gonna be out on your ear, chum.'''

The 'Ain't No Pleasing You' hitmaker first realised something was wrong when he struggled to swallow anything on tour with his bandmate and musical partner in crime, Dave Peacock, shortly before Christmas, but he says doctors will be able to treat it by unblocking the tube.

He said: ''I was having trouble swallowing. I remember drinking a glass of water and it wouldn't go down quickly. I couldn't guzzle it down.

''I thought, 'That ain't right.' They checked me out, and they found the tube was a lot smaller than it should be. It was a bit like going down a blocked sink. I just have to unblock my sink and I'll be alright.''