Charlotte Olympia wants to be remembered for having a ''strong hair game''.

The 35-year-old fashion designer - who launched her eponymous footwear label in 2006 - has designed showstopping shoes, which have been adorned by 43-year-old supermodel Kate Moss and 35-year-old actress Sienna Miller, however she would rather be known for her golden locks rather than her highly coveted creations.

When asked about one thing she would love to be remembered for, she told Stylist magazine: ''Strong hair game.''

The creative mastermind believes everyone should feel ''joy'' towards fashion because it is an ''expression'' of their feelings.

When asked what emotion she would assign to fashion, she said: ''Joy; fashion should be fun and make you feel good about yourself.

''[Style] it's an expression of who you are and how you feel. Style is a representation of my personality.''

And Charlotte believes ''nothing'' feels better than shopping and buying a new pair of shoes, although she can't decide whether she prefers to wear high heels or flat shoes.

She said: ''Nothing beats a new pair of shoes.

''I believe that you can determine the day ahead by the shoes you choose to wear in the morning. If it's a day running around with my three boys I will wear a pair of my flats but if it's a day when I feel like I want to conquer the world, I reach for my highest heels.''

Although Charlotte's logo for her brand is of a spider's web, she has admitted her greatest fear is spiders.

She explained: ''Despite my logo being a web, ironically I'm not so good with spiders.''

And if the star was to acquire any skill she would love to be able to be a culinary mastermind, because she has claimed she is ''useless'' in the kitchen.

She said: ''I wish I could bake, I keep trying but I'm useless.''