Charlotte Olympia Dellal always wanted to change the view that men were ''the Kings of footwear''.

The fashion designer - who launched her eponymous footwear and accessories brand Charlotte Olympia in 2008 - has admitted she ''always thought'' females should produce heeled shoes because they are the main buyer of stilettos.

Speaking to, the blonde-haired beauty said: ''Men always used to be the kings of footwear - and I always thought it should be women because, after all, we're the ones wearing the heels.''

And the creative mastermind believes the fashion business has ''come a long way'' since she first started her career because there are more recognised female designers.

She said: ''Fashion has come a long way in terms of female progression since I started. These days, when I'm asked about my favourite designers, the names I come up with are female and it's not on purpose. Miuccia Prada, Isa Arfen, Emilia Wickstead, Roksanda ... there are lots of strong female designers leading the way.

''Before I started there were no new footwear designers - it was Nicholas Kirkwood and me, really - and then lots of students started taking up accessories design. As they should. It should be a thing.''

The mogul has revealed she is trying to ''delegate'' her work load out to her colleagues, btu she finds it difficult because she is easily annoyed by ''avoidable mistakes''.

Speaking about her pet hates, she said: ''I try to apply the learnings of every season into the next season - and I have had to learn to delegate. There is no point in growing a business if you don't. But I never let go 100 per cent; if it's your baby then nobody else cares as much.

''I'm a pain in the arse, even when it comes to checking line sheets! Avoidable mistakes annoy me. Of course there are bumps along the way, but you live and learn and laugh afterwards - it's never the end of the world because at the end of the day it's only shoes. When things really go wrong I tend to be quite calm.''