Charlie Puth was star struck when he first met Harry Styles.

The 25-year-old musician caught a glimpse of the One Direction hunk when he was first signing his record deal, and got so nervous at the sight of the 22-year-old singer that he lost his appetite and ''couldn't even concentrate'' on tucking into his meal at Sushi Park on Sunset Boulevard, California.

Speaking about his encounter with the star, the 'We Don't Talk Anymore' hitmaker said: ''When I first came to sign my record deal in Los Angeles. I was having a meeting with the record label in a Sushi restaurant called Sushi Park on Sunset Boulevard and Harry Styles walked in with my now-friend Jeff Azoff. I couldn't even concentrate on eating, I was so star struck.''

And Charlie then made the situation more awkward as he tweeted his sighting, which led to a swarm of paparazzi and fans of the 'History' singer flocking to catch a glimpse of the British star.

He added: ''But I ended up during the dinner tweeting, not at Harry, but just tweeting like, 'wow I can't believe Harry Styles just walked into my sushi restaurant!' And then this influx of paparazzi and fans just from that tweet came in, so I was pretty embarrassed.''

However, Charlie has admitted Harry hasn't held a grudge against him, but often brings up the moment every now and again to torment him.

He told ''We joke about it now.

''[Harry] pokes fun at me now like 'You're not going to tweet that we're at this trailer now are you?!'''