Charlie Puth is bemused by fame and doesn't understand why anyone would be interested in seeing him go for coffee.

The 26-year-old singer/songwriter is becoming a major player in the pop world following the release of his second album 'Voicenotes' and the stack of hits he has clocked up with other artists, such as Whiz Khalifa, Selena Gomez and G-Eazy.

With his increasing success comes increased attention and although Charlie enjoys some of the perks of being a celebrity he still struggles to deal with the restrictions on his freedom.

In an interview with NPR (National Public Radio), he said: ''The fame is fun, at times. There are paparazzi and people who are literally just chasing me to make money for themselves - like, what is it, like 500 bucks a picture? It's probably a hundred bucks for me. But I don't know what the hell is so interesting about me getting coffee. I'm a private person. I like being recognised for my work today, but I don't like being recognised for things that have nothing to do with what I'm showing you right now.''

The 'Attention' singer named his new LP after his songwriting process, because he records his ideas for riffs and lyrics into his smartphone.

Charlie recorded and produced the tracks for the album in a room at his Beverly Hills mansion and he admits he prefers working alone without a sound engineer because he's been creating music that way since he was an 11 year old growing up in New Jersey.

He said: ''I'm so used to doing everything myself. It would be kind of pointless for me to hire an engineer because I would just continuously push them out of the way.''