CHARICE PEMPENGCO, the 18-year-old Filipino teenager whose singing voice wowed Oprah Winfrey, has admitted to getting Botox injections to prepare for an appearance on hit show 'Glee', reports The New York Times. Before filming an episode of the highly successful series, Pempengco had injections and a skin-tightening treatment called 'thermage', telling Philippine television, "I want to look fresh when I appear before the camera".
The news has caused a stir in the media, with The New York Times suggesting that certain publications had "chimed in to lament the regrettable message sent to young fans of Glee, a show with a theme of self-acceptance". The newspaper also reports that it is unknown how many youngsters currently use Botox, but that it "is approved by the F.D.A. to be used therapeutically in children as young as 12 with abnormal twitching of the eyelid or crossed eyes. It can also help patients 16 and older with involuntary contraction of neck muscles".
Pempengco made her debut on Glee on 21st September 2010 as 'Sunshine Corazon', a Filipino exchange student. Reactions to her first appearance have generally been positive, and the musician Josh Groban, who starred in the first season of the show, posted a comment on his Twitter page that read "Charice. Great job on Glee! Very happy that so many people will hear your beautiful voice".