Channel 4 has decided to call it a day on the reality Tv show, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, reports The Guardian. The show has been on UK screens since early 2011.
The alternative Tv network made the decision in spite of its popularity. "I think we've quite naturally got to a point where we've started to look differently at that franchise," explained Jay Hunt, chief creative officer at Channel 4 at the Edinburgh International Television Festival on Thursday. "We have already evolved where we are [with it]. It is important to know when to draw the line, and we are close to drawing the line. I think it will come to a point where it is time to move on." The show had been a huge success for the channel, attracting audiences of more than 7 million in its first year, so the decision won't have been made lightly. There will be six Gypsy-themed one-off specials next year to keep reality-Tv junkies entertained. Earlier this year the spin off, Thelma's Gypsy Girls, which saw Thelma attempt to teach a group of girls the art of dressmaking, achieved 2 million viewers.
The show had proved controversial amongst communities of people represented within its content. Traveller and Gypsy communities had been unhappy with the portrayal of their lifestyles, and were moved to lodge a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority arguing that Channel 4's marketing of the show was offensive and racist.