Chanel and Joseph have been jointly named Britain's favourite designer brands.

The French fashion house, directed by Karl Lagerfeld, and the late designer Joseph Ettedgui's namesake label came top in a survey conducted by fashion recommendation website Dressipi - who asked 40,000 British women what their label of choice is.

Both brands gained a total of nine per cent of the overall votes, with other designer names such as DKNY not far behind with eight per cent and Alexander McQueen receiving five per cent of votes.

High street stores dominated the top of the chart, with Zara being chosen by 33 per cent of the women asked followed closely by H&M with 25 per cent, Topshop with 21 per cent and River Island gaining 20 per cent.

Co-founder of Dressipi - which holds former Marks & Spencer boss Sir Stuart Rose as their chairman - Donna Kelly is surprised at the range of choices given from the women.

She said: ''When it comes to designer brands, it's interesting that the same women who love the high street for fast fashion also lust after products from more established classic designers, such as Chanel or Joseph.

''This implies that savvy shoppers are heeding stylists' advice to look to the high street for a quick fashion fix, but splash out on designer clothes when they want to make a statement or buy a wardrobe classic.''