Former CATATONIA frontwoman Cerys Matthews claims pregnancy has straightened out her eating habits.

Like any other expectant mother, the MULDER AND SCULLY singer is suffering cravings. But she says her current diet is less unusual than what she normally eats.

Welsh native Matthews says, "I'm craving SLUSH PUPPY drinks, no coal or dirt or anything. I crave things like pickled onions when I'm not pregnant!

"I eat worse when I'm not, believe me. Now I'm just eating pizza and lots of steak and normal things, whereas before I'd eat mad things like onions with everything. It's great.

"I've felt wonderful - I've not been sick. Never felt better."

When asked how she would cope with motherhood, Matthews replies, "I've no idea. I got a manual as a present - it treats it like a washing machine!

"I'm more along the lines of 'if in doubt, where's my mum?' I think that's natural - we'll see."

26/05/2003 20:56