Officials at the British Board of Film Classification (Bbfc) have agreed to change their parental guidance disclaimers about new family film Paddington after producers complained about a "mild sex references" warning.

Even Paddington author Michael Bond, 88, was left dumbfounded by the Bbfc's advice to film fans, insisting he had no idea what the board members saw in the film to warrant the warning.

Fearing the disclaimer might keep some concerned parents from cinemas when the film is released in Britain this month (Nov14), the distributors urged the Bbfc bosses to relax their warning.

They have now altered the term "mild sex references" to "innuendo".

The film, which features Ben Whishaw as the titular bear, hits cinemas on 28 November (14).

Hugh Bonneville, who plays Mr Brown in the movie, previously told the Bbc he was stunned by the "mild sex references" disclaimer in relation to a scene, in which he disguises himself as a cleaning woman.

He said, "I was scratching my head thinking, 'What are the censors talking about?' There were four and five year olds watching it (preview screening) the other day laughing uproariously, so I don't think it's going to damage any young children."