Bulldozing giant CATERPILLAR has filed a lawsuit against movie sequel GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2 for infringing on its trademark.

The digger company - based in Peoria, Illinois, America - is unhappy the straight-to-DVD DISNEY film shows the clumsy TARZAN wannabe fighting "bulldozing bullies".

Caterpillar are suing Disney's distribution underling BUENA VISTA ENTERTAINMENT, but the movie company says the complaint is groundless.

A Disney spokesman says, "We expect the audience will view these sequences for their comedic value and not take them seriously."

The film is set for release on 21 October (03) in America, and is a sequel to the 1997 hit starring Brendan Fraser, although the star is replaced by CHRIS SHOWERMAN in the title role in the sequel.

16/10/2003 13:43