The wife of U.S. radio personality Casey Kasem has settled a conservatorship dispute with one of the ailing star's children.

Kasem's spouse, Jean, had been locked in a bitter fight with her grown-up stepkids Kerri, Julie and Mike for months, amid allegations she had banned them from visiting their dad, who is suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease.

Julie filed legal papers in a Los Angeles court in October (13) requesting she be appointed her father's conservator, which would put her in charge of his medical needs, but Jean countered the legal action with her own filing, insisting she should be the one making all the decisions because she has been his primary caregiver.

Julie's conservatorship request was recently denied, but she continued to battle with Jean.

However, on Friday (20Dec13), it was announced that the two parties have since reached a mutual agreement over the care of the 81-year-old patriarch, although details have not been divulged.

It was also revealed that Kasem is currently in hospital, although further details about his condition or treatment were not shared.