The original movies, which featured stars including Sid James and Kenneth Williams, spanned more than 40 years with 31 installments, including Carry On Cleo, Carry On Camping and Carry On Doctor.

There have been several attempts to resurrect the bawdy movies since the last offering, Carry On Columbus in 1992, but producers failed to get Carry On London off the ground.

However, bosses behind the franchise are now working on a new update which will introduce Carry On films to a new generation of comedy fans.

"I am 100 per cent sure this will work, we will not dash the fans' hopes," Carry On Films managing director Nigel Gordon-Stewart tells British newspaper The Independent. "People have expectations and if you get it wrong, that'll be that."

"Hopefully it will stimulate interest in the old films," producer Jeremy Thomas adds. "The Carry Ons are very much in the British psyche. People like to laugh. But it will have to be very funny - they have a lot to live up to."

Sid James' son, Steve James, is reportedly going to be involved with the project. The funnyman passed away in 1976.