NARC director Joe Carnahan feared he would never work again after quitting Tom Cruise action epic MISSION: Impossible III. The filmmaker spent 15 months working on the sequel before leaving over creative differences with studio bosses - and even filmed the moment to document what he thought was the end of his Hollywood career. However, despite going on to direct SMOKIN' ACES and remaking BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING, which will star Reese Witherspoon, he can't watch the footage of him quitting as it still hurts too much. He explains, "I actually videotaped myself when I quit because I was so thoroughly flipped out and I saw my camera right by my bed and I turned it on. I've looked at it one time since then. "It freaks me out. I'm recording what I think is the death of my career." The film was finally released last year (06) and was directed by Jj Abrams.