Carine Roitfeld is trying to hide the signs of ageing.

While the former French Vogue editor says her style hasn't changed in the past 20 years, she uses hair and makeup tricks to make her look younger.

The 59-year-old style icon told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''It's easy for me as I can't see anything without my glasses. I never put my eyeliner on very well in the morning, so it's usually smudged.

''I think it's sexy, plus it always looks better come the evening. And messy hair adds a certain youthfulness to a look.

''Like everyone, I am trying to hide the signs of ageing as I get older, though I do respect my age.''

The fashion editor and stylist said her friends are always trying to change her style but she refuses, opting to wear only black, white or khaki most of the time.

The former model said: ''I have dressed in the same way for the past 20 years; only the length of my skirt has changed.

''Consistent style shows confidence, and knowing what suits you saves time when you are choosing what to wear.

''Black items are an investment, and though colours have a place in my wardrobe too, I never mix them: my outfits are all-black, all-white or all-khaki.''