DRUMLINE star Nick Cannon has no plans to retaliate after ex girlfriend Christina Milian released a vicious song about his cheating - because he feels she had every right to criticise him. Milian went public about her feelings about the rapper/actor after she discovered he had been unfaithful while she was working on a movie in Europe. She then punished him further by slamming him on her hit WHO'S GONNA RIDE. But gentleman Cannon insists it would be wrong of him to hit back and record a tune about his side of the split, even though he has always maintained he was clear that his relationship with the DIP IT LOW singer was not exclusive. He says, "(She's) a woman scorned and I feel like, you know, she was being as honest as she could possibly be... The emotions get to flowing and sometimes you just want people to hear what you got to say. "I wasn't going to say anything... I love that girl. (If) that's how she feels, hopefully she won't always feel that way about me."