A German cannibal is campaigning to block the release of horror movie BUTTERFLY: A GRIMM LOVE STORY, claiming the story is inspired by his own life.

ARMIN MEIWES was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison for eating a man he met over the internet, and is now furious his crime has been fictionalised without his permission.

The movie charts a student who becomes interested in the internet cannibal community after researching a jailed man-eater for her thesis.

But the film, scheduled for release on 9 March (06) in Germany, is facing legal opposition from Meiwes' lawyer HARALD ERMEL, who slams the film as a "slavish re-enactment" of real-life events which could prejudice the second stage of Meiwes' trial, beginning Thursday (12JAN06).

On Monday (09JAN06), Ermel read a statement from his client who claims the film will depict a "false and stigmatised" version of events.

Meiwes has given Hamburg production company Stampfwerk the rights to make a 90-minute documentary on Meiwes and his trial.