The director of the Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or-winning movie Blue Is The Warmest Color insists the lesbian love story should not be released because it's "too dirty".

Abdellatif Kechiche reveals the criticism swirling around the sex scenes in his film have ruined the Cannes experience for him and he admits the big win in Europe was just a "brief moment of happiness".

And, in a new interview, he states he believes the film should not be released.

He tells Telerama, "I think this film should not go out, it was too dirty."

He adds the criticism of the film's erotic lesbian love scenes have made him feel "humiliated" and "disgraced".

And the filmmaker fears audiences won't be able to watch the movie withough considering media claims that he exploited his leading ladies.

He explains, "In advance, they will ask: 'Did this man not harass the girls? Did they not cherish (the experience), too, and they do not dare say it?'"

The film will be released with an Nc-17 rating in America next month (25Oct13).