Scottish author Iain Banks has thanked his loyal readers for their outpouring of support since he went public with his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Earlier this month (Apr13), the 59-year-old writer confirmed he is in the later stages of gall bladder cancer and has less than a year to live, and now he has taken to his Banksophilia website to express his gratitude after being inundated with well wishes.

He writes, "Good grief! - what an outpouring of love, affection and respect. I honestly had no idea. I feel treasured. I am deeply flattered and touched, and I can't deny I've been made to feel very special indeed.

"It's only the fact that I've been able to pre-announce my own demise that has allowed me to realise my portion of that love in full while I'm still around to appreciate it."

Banks, who recently returned from a honeymoon in Italy and France with his new wife Adele, went on to praise his fans as "bright, clever, highly informed and sometimes worryingly more intelligent than me".

The novelist proposed to his partner after he was given his cancer diagnosis.