Rockers OBITUARY were forced to drastically rejig their line-up for Thursday's (13Sep07) Toronto, Canada show after guitarists TREVOR PERES and RALPH SANTOLLA were refused entry into the country. Singer John Tardy reveals his bandmates were stopped at the U.S./Canadian border and told they weren't welcome. In a post on the group's website, Tardy explained, "(They) were not allowed into the country. Complete bulls**t. "A couple of misdemeanor charges from the past and they would not let them in the country! Unreal! "It seemed like the only thing we could do was cancel the show. We could play with one guitarist, but not without both." But then, the bandmates who did make it past the border guards decided to call on a couple of pals to help them out. Tardy explains, "On the bus with us is (Deicide star) Jack Owen. Jack is just here for the fun and is just hangin'. We also have Ken Andrews, who is teching for us on this tour. "Those guys sat in the back lounge for about five hours and learned 11 of our songs. "As they often say, the show must go on, and, instead of cancelling a show, we showed up and had a really great night." Tardy insists Peres and Santolla will address their visa issues and the band will return for more Canadian dates: "It looks like some paperwork can be done so that this doesn't happen again."