Canada has suddenly rebounded as a favorite location site for Hollywood studios, the Toronto Globe & Mail observed today (Friday). Peter Leitch, president of Lions Gate Studios in Vancouver, told the newspaper that the city's five major studios are full. "Things are booming right now," he said. "I don't recall when all the studio space was booked [like this] for a couple of years." Leitch, who is also chairman of the Motion Picture Production Industry Assn. of British Columbia, forecast that $1 billion will be spent on film production in the Canadian province this year, well above the figure for the past two years. The Canadian film-business recovery extends to Toronto and other parts of the country as well, the newspaper observed, quoting film exec Paul Bronfman as saying, "It's gone from famine to feast." Donna Zuchlinski, manager of the film commission group at Ontario Media Development Corp., credited Canada's liberal tax credits with luring back Hollywood studios.