Rapper CAM'RON is so desperate to protect his "code of ethics" he wouldn't alert police if he knew a serial killer was living next door to him. The Hey Ma hitmaker has been interviewed for an upcoming US news special about hip-hop culture, during which he admitted he has been brought up to distrust the police. Cam'ron, real name Cameron Giles, told the 60 Minutes show, "If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me I wouldn't call and tell anybody on him - but I'd probably move. "But I'm not going to call and be like, 'Oh, the serial killer's in 4E.'" Cam'ron told show host Anderson Cooper that he refused to cooperate with police after he was wounded by gunmen in 2005, and when the newsman asked why, the rapper said, "Because it would definitely hurt my business, and the way I was raised. I just don't do that. "It's about business, but it's still also a code of ethics."