Camila Mendes feels inspired by Rihanna's healthy appearance.

The 24-year-old actress thinks that the modern perception of beauty is flawed, and Camila has spoken out in favour of women whose figures do not typically appear on a fashion catwalk.

She explained: ''I feel like as a society we're tackling beauty from the wrong angle.

''We're tackling it from a place of appearance rather than a place of health.''

The American actress thinks that stars such as Rihanna and Ashley Graham are helping to create a more progressive attitude towards beauty.

Speaking to NYLON magazine, Camila shared: ''The American idea of beauty is being thin, slender, and tall.

''When I see Ashley Graham post a photo I'm like 'she looks gorgeous' and when I see Rihanna, who's incredibly inspiring to me these days, she'll acknowledge, like, yeah, I gained a little weight.

''My weight fluctuates, like, Who cares? I'm a woman.''

Despite her own glamorous appearance, Camila freely concedes that a lot of work goes into making sure she looks camera-ready.

In fact, the 'Riverdale' actress recently shared her top tips on how she looks after her enviably glossy hair and defined eyebrows.

Camila said: ''On off-days, I try to let my hair go natural. I use the John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum.

''I tend to have dry skin and dry hair, so it's really important to have as much moisture as possible.

''Anything I can do to get rid of frizz and just make everything polished and smooth is the way to get my look for the day.''

And while Camila's eyebrows are now a source of envy, she admits that hasn't always been the case.

She explained: ''People always ask about my eyebrows. I actually had a unibrow growing up, but now once every four or five months, I go to Anastasia Soare [of Anastasia Beverly Hills] to keep the shape clean.''