TITANIC director James Cameron had specific scripts requests when he agreed to play himself in US TV show ENTOURAGE. The film-maker 'directs' a blockbuster entitled AQUAMAN which stars Adrian Grenier's actor character VINCENT CHASE. Entourage executive producer Doug Ellin says, "Mr Cameron didn't want Aquaman to bomb, which, fortunately, we figured out a way to make sure that didn't happen. "Two things I'll say about it is he didn't insist, but he asked nicely and he's got a strong presence, so we decided to go with that. I don't think he's made a bad movie. So we like to think this was a very good movie." CRASH director Paul Haggis also plays himself in an upcoming episode, but was more relaxed than Cameron. Ellin explains, "Paul Haggis was just great. He was open to everything, and he was very, very, very cool." Grenier's castmate Kevin Connolly, who plays Chase's manager ERIC, adds, "They seemed happy to not be directing, happy acting."