Julie Deane wants to keep The Cambridge Satchel Company entirely British.

The entrepreneur started making the traditional leather satchels with the help of her mother in her kitchen at home, and although they are now made in a factory, Julie says they will remain entirely British.

Julie exclusively told BANG Showbiz at the launch of her new Spitalfields store: ''We're not trying to do anything sneaky. They're not mostly made somewhere else and finished off here. Every single part of our production is in the UK.''

''It's not like buying 5,000 widgets from somewhere, they all arrive and you just send them out. There's nothing special about that.''

The 46-year-old mother-of-two first started the business so that she could afford to send her children to private school, after her daughter suffered at the hands of bullies, but she hasn't been without her own problems since starting The Cambridge Satchel Company.

She said: ''One of my manufacturers had stolen leather to launch a satchels brand ... I thought 'no I'm not going to put up with it so I started my own factory so nobody does that again.

''So now I have this amazing factory in Leicester and they make around 600 bags a day, every day in the UK and that's set to expand a huge amount.''