Calum Scott receives erotic fan fiction from his fans all the time.

The 29-year-old singer/songwriter - who shot to fame on the 2015 series of talent show 'Britain's Got Talent' - has been revealing the bizarre gifts he's had mailed to him from both female and male admirers over the years, including ''tonnes'' of sexual fantasies inspired by his debut LP 'Only Human'.

The 'Dancing On My Own' singer is openly gay and was a bit freaked out when he was sent rude pictures from female fans, before he came out three years ago.

He admitted: ''It's quite scary, actually.

''When my sexuality wasn't necessarily out there, I got a lot of stuff from the ladies. It's not my bag but I can appreciate it.

''Oh my god, the things I'm sent.

''It's quite explicit, I'll be honest. I have a mixture of both [pictures and messages].''

However, Calum says that the strangest mail he has opened was a locket with a strand of a fan's hair inside it.

He added to the Metro newspaper: ''The weirdest was a lock of hair in a locket.

''I was like, ''Erm, that's lovely but what am I supposed do with it?'''

The heartthrob says that he has become more confident in himself as a gay man and feels like he has a place in the LGBT community.

He said: ''To go from a timid and anxious person when it comes to sexuality to feeling empowered and confident.

''I've definitely never felt stronger about LGBT rights and the community, I feel a sense of belonging now.''