While the $100 million in tax credits that the California Film Commission doles out each year is often seen as a way the state helps keep local movie production healthy and counters similar incentives from other states to woo filmmakers, the latest list of winners includes more TV productions than movies. The Los Angeles Times reported that 12 of the 28 approved projects were TV series; five were movies of the week; one was an independent miniseries; nine were independent feature films; and one was a studio movie. And the 18 TV projects that were selected were dominated by basic cable shows. (Among them MTV's Teen Wolf , which said that it will relocate to California from Georgia as a result of being selected for $10.4 million in tax credits.) Overall, 53.5 percent of the productions were independent and 46.5 percent were studio projects. In announcing the winners, the California Film Commission observed that their production companies will spend $683 million in the state, $265 million of that amount for wages. The commission said that a record 322 applications were submitted for this year's tax-credit lottery, up 63 percent from the previous year.