Spanish opera star MONTSERRAT CABALLE is planning to open her own opera school with her singer husband BERNABE MARTI. After achieving all her personal and professional ambitions, the 73-year-old is determined to give something back. Caballe - who admits her zest for life is thanks to the brain tumour she has survived with for 20 years - says, "We have to live today. I feel there is a reason why we are here, to do good things. "Almost all dreams for my personal life came true. I realised a lot of my career dreams, too. Nevertheless, my husband and I don't just want to sit around and sing. "My biggest dream is to found an opera school. I'd like to have a house or a villa with several rooms filled with master classes of young singers. There are so many fantastic young voices. They don't get enough support and too few chances. "I still remember how hard it was for me. My singing academy would be a university of learning and living. "That would be my dream, that I leave something behind for the youth. Something that helps them to serve the music. I'd love to pass on my experiences."