Tragic DIANA, Princess Of Wales' former butler Paul Burrell fears he may be killed to prevent him revealing any more secrets about the private life of the late British royal.

Burrell - who has been slammed by Diana's two sons Prince William and Prince Harry for exposing their mother in his tell-all book - announced his anxiety during a drunken chat with his pal in a plush London hotel yesterday (27OCT03).

As the pair sank large quantities of red wine at the COUNTY HALL HOTEL, stunned onlookers overheard him discussing his fears as he became more and more inebriated, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

With fellow guests plying him with more alcohol, Burrell began talking openly to them about his concerns.

When one drinker joked that he was surprised to see him still alive, Burrell responded, "It's not easy. If something happens to me you'll know why. I know there are a lot of people out there who would not object if something happened to me.

"There are powerful forces out there. I've got my own family to think of."

The former butler then launched a scathing attack on the two Princes who last week (ends24OCT03) labelled Burrell's betrayal "deeply painful" and have demanded a meeting with their former servant.

Burrell told his audience, "With all due respect to William and Harry, they have a life of privilege and luxury - they don't realise what they have.

"William and Harry totally missed the point. I want to say to them, 'I had a different kind of life with her, one that you didn't. I saw her in ways you never did.'"

28/10/2003 02:19