Some analysts have expressed skepticism about the ability of Katie Couric to lift the CBS Evening News out of its third-place position when and if she takes over the anchor's desk from Bob Schieffer. Indeed, in an interview with today's (Tuesday) New York Daily News, Bill McLaughlin, a 25-year CBS News veteran, now teaching at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, remarked: "I just think it's going to be a ratings disaster. ... They will inevitably pick up viewers in the beginning because of the curiosity factor. But I can't see that sustaining." "A lot of her considerable talents don't translate to the evening news because they can't, by definition," former CBS Evening News producer Erik Sorenson told the Washington Post. "You cannot sing a cabaret number on the evening news. They won't have her ski. They won't have her dance.That said, she has a ton of other skills, interviewing and presiding over news coverage."