The federal wiretap case in which Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano holds the spotlight appeared to widen Wednesday when a grand jury indicted veteran Beverly Hills attorney Terry Christensen for allegedly hiring Pellicano to tap the phones of Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, ex-wife of former MGM owner Kirk Kerkorian. According to the indictment, Christensen paid Pellicano at least $100,000 to eavesdrop and record Bonder Kerkorian's conversations with her attorney, court mediator, and others during a paternity lawsuit. His purpose, the indictment said, was to "secure a tactical advantage in litigation by learning Bonder Kerkorian's plans, strategies, perceived strengths and weaknesses, settlement position and other confidential information". In a statement, Kirk Kerkorian said on Wednesday, "Terry Christensen is a paragon of integrity who has always done the right thing throughout the 35 years I have had the privilege of knowing him."